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Why Choose Planet Tiny Nursery & Preschool?

Planet Tiny is a family owned business established since 2007. This brightly coloured nursery offers children fun and exciting times, preparing them for school with a high standard of care and education in safe and nurturing environment.

Planet Tiny aims to provide all the children in our care a protected, assured and cheerful stimulated environment.

Our staff help encourage your child to develop to their maximum potential whilst in a happy and homely environment. This will give your child the opportunity to freely express themselves through play and experience a variety of activities.

Children are provided with a varied healthy diet, fresh air, exercise, rest and play. All contributing positively to their physical, emotional and educational development.

At Planet Tiny we believe that by incorporating a wide range of outdoor activities as part of our normal day we are helping children to be healthy and adventurous.

Our Staff

Planet Tiny aims to provide the highest quality childcare. Our team consists of qualified and experienced nursery practitioners who are all trained in first aid.

Our staff are committed to provide a safe and stimulating environment for our children.

Key Person

The nursery operates a key persons system, each child is allocated a member of staff who takes a special interest in them and guides your child throughout their stay with us. The key person will monitor the progress of your child and liaise with you on a daily basis.

Your child’ s development and progress will be monitored in line with the EYFS whilst at the nursery through an online programme called “2simple”. This profile provides parents and teachers with a well rounded picture of your childs knowledge, understanding and abilities before they move to school. This file is available for you to see at any time.

Parents will also be given the opportunity to attend parents evening twice a year (you will be notified of these dates).

Planet Tiny Ethos

At Planet Tiny you will be welcomed with a bright stimulating environment which provides children opportunities to learn through play using first hand experiences. Our highly qualified team provide the nurture and care all children need to help transition from their home to a new environment.

Our innovative and exciting curriculum is a prominent factor in the children’s high level of achievement. At Planet Tiny we have designed a rich, broad, and balanced curriculum which considers the age, abilities and interests of each child that attends. The curriculum enhances children`s knowledge, skills and understanding of the world around them. (Cultural Capital). We believe learning must be continuous, and with the right guidance children should make good progress in the development of their learning, with the focus being on language and vocabulary.

We develop children’s interest by offering extended learning opportunities that will challenge the children and encourage them to always use their imagination.

The nursery provides the children with first-hand experiences which opens their imagination about the wonder of the world.

Children have choices at our nursery allowing them to become independent learners.

Our staff build on their confidence and abilities enabling them to find a love for learning. We strive to help children develop confidence and independence and develop a positive attitude to learning.

Using our core values, children learn to care for and respect themselves and others, to be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others and to inequalities associated with race, gender, and ability.

Using our Family app we work closely with parents and carers as we believe that the child’s learning and achievement is something we should all be a part of.

Planet Tiny Pedagogy

Albert Bandura`s social learning theory
Staff are consistently presenting themselves as good role models and aware that children learn by observing the people around them and by being modelled to. At Planet Tiny we encourage and teach desirable behaviour using positive reinforcement and rewards by presenting a star of the week and helpers of the day. Children are regularly reminded of the nursery core values and learn how to embed these into their everyday lives using the friendships song and friendship benches.

Reggio Emilia approach
The Reggio Emilia approach to early years education puts children in the driver’s seat and sees them as curious individuals with the power and potential to develop and learn from their environment and the relationships they build with others.
At Planet Tiny, children are offered the opportunity to initiate play whilst the practitioners support and extend this learning. Staff guide the children whilst ensuring they are not restricting the children’s interests.
The aim is to allow children to become independent learners within a creative and stimulating environment. The Reggio approach encourages children to explore, be curious and inquisitive. Our staff help them to research their ideas and learn from one another making learning fun and leading to themes around their interests.

Planet Tiny Core Values

Mutual respect and tolerance is about accepting another person's beliefs, values, and heritage. All children should be actively learning about the world they live in and celebrating a range of festivals during their time in childcare settings

Emotional resilience is about having the ability to overcome negative circumstances and adversity in your life, handling your emotions and remaining healthy and competent, having coping mechanisms and being able to bounce back to deal with whatever life throws at you.

It is important for children to learn how to be honest with one another and with themselves. When they are honest, they can build trusting relationships with those around them. Learning to be honest with themselves teaches them to address more complicated emotions that they are feeling or admit to mistakes.

Planet Tiny Vision Statement

To create a safe, inclusive, and nurturing environment where the curriculum is creative, inspirational, and relevant to the children’s present needs and to prepare them for their future.

To enable all children to develop their capabilities at successful learners and confident individuals.

Planet Tiny`s Purpose

“If a child can learn how to play, then through play we can teach them how to learn”

Provide the best early years education

Learn through play using first hand experience

Adapt to a child`s perspective

Nurture, care and protect the children continuously

Ensure that children are cared for in a loving environment

Trust one another

Take risks and challenge ourselves in a stimulating environment

Interact with children, encouraging them to be heard

Never see anyone as different

Yearn to learn

Planet Tiny Nursery - Outstanding, 2Simple, Forest School, Recommended by Day Nurseries

Nursery Opening Times

Monday - Friday: 8am to 6pm

Open 51 Weeks of a calendar year

Closed Public & Bank holidays & twice a year for staff training day.

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Preschool: 0208 348 8222

Toddlers: 0208 342 9398

Babies: 0208 347 7507

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