Planet Tiny Ofsted Report

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Planet Tiny toddlers offers childcare care the age of 17 months to around 2 years and 10 months.

Here the children take part in a lot of hands on activities such as painting, messy play using shaving foam, corn flour, sand etc.

Children get a sense of understanding through play and are encouraged to identify what their interests are by using books, toy animals, our building toys, and a variety of art equipment.

Whilst at toddlers, the children also take part in monkey music and yoga relating their learning to the early years foundation stage.

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Children join toddlers around the age of 14 months. Prior to this they attend our baby room and move up as and when they are ready. We do not encourage children to move over until they are confidently walking on their feet and show good stability.

Toddlers have two rooms to choose from with various activities taking place simultaneously in both.

The first room has a large circle time area where all the children can sit together in a group as well as a home corner and book corner for quiet play or reading. The purpose built chairs and tables allow the children to make good use of construction and puzzle like toys.

The second room is used for art activities and messy play where children have the option of either painting, drawing, using sand and water etc.

Towards the rear of the room, the children have a cosy book area for quiet time as well as a large soft play area for physical activity.

Occasionally entry to Planet Tiny can take place here at toddlers as we may have space depending on your childcare requirements. Children are guaranteed to move over to our preschool where they remain until they begin school.

Toddler room also benefits from a separate sleeping room, childeren their very own sleep bags so that they can rest undisturbed.

Minimum Attendance: 2 Part Time Sessions i.e. morning or afternoon or 1 Full Day