Planet Tiny Ofsted Report

Call Today:

  • Preschool: 0208 348 8222
  • Toddlers: 0208 342 9398
  • Babies: 0208 347 7507
  • Moravian Church
  • Priory Road
  • London
  • N8 7HR


Planet Tiny preschool takes children from the age of 2 till 5. Here the children learn how to identify letters, numbers, shapes, colours etc.

There is a daily routine which the staff follow on a daily basis (see parents information). This encourages the children to have structure and understand that there is a certain expectation at this age to be able to follow a routine and use their listening skills in preparation for school.

We have a variety of extracurricular activities at preschool introducing different languages as well as hands on activities such as cooking, pottery and craft.

Dance, drama and music also take place during the week relating learning to the early years foundation stage.

Once the children turn 3, they all take part in ‘Big Work’ which revolves around preparation for school. Children are encouraged to learn how to write their name and numbers 1-10.

Preschool is a single large room where all the equipment is at a child friendly height allowing the children to choose what they would like to do during their day. We encourage our daily routine to revolve around the children’s choices of activities to a certain extent.

The room has constant access into a large outdoor area divided with ‘wind catcher curtains’ keeping the cold out and the warmth in.

In extremely bad weather conditions, we have use of the church hall where the children can run around and make good use of a large play area.

Children explore between the home corner, the soft play area, the maths, literacy and book corner.

Admissions into preschool are from the age of 2, however first priority is given to the toddlers already at Planet Tiny. Occasionally we do get spaces for one to join at this stage, you are encouraged to visit and enrol at least 8-10 months before you require childcare.